"I can't say enough for how Di has helped us with our boxer Manny. We instantly saw her love for dogs and her ability to work with them and get the best out of the dogs she works with. Over the years Di has helped us to continue to push our bond with Manny. Di has even invited us to her advanced classes to use Manny as an example of exceptional training. Di has also been a fantastic support for any extra pieces of training or knowledge as we went along, she has supported us and guided us with the best way to handle each situation as it has been presented. I could not recommend Di as a trainer anymore highly, she loves dogs and wants to see them become part of the family and household in the best way possible exactly as she has done for Manny, my wife and I."

Manny the boxer and her family


“Diana has been absolutely amazing with us and our puppy, she is so supportive and helpful, she gives practical advice for having a great family dog, this has worked so well for us and our children and we have a lovely dog as a result, I can’t recommend her highly enough!!”

Joni and Julia


"Di came along to visit with our young keeshond and it was clearly evident after her first hour with Darby that she was very much in tune with him and likewise he with her, as well with what training we needed!  After our very first meeting we had success with Darby and over the past 3 years we have remained in contact with Di for additional help.  Every time she has been of great assistance and I now refer to her as the ‘Dog Whisperer’.  Darby is now 3 years old and is an extremely well behaved dog and I attribute this to Di’s incredible advice.  I can’t recommend Di highly enough to dog/puppy  owners wanting to have well behaved pets making dog ownership a breeze and totally enjoyable!"

Jo and Darby


"There are no words to describe how utterly grateful I am to have met Diana. I was given her number by a friend after I mentioned we were having tremendous trouble with our new puppy. Our pup, 6 months old, had not had much training and I was exhausted talking to multiple trainers who offered me all different advice, that ultimately didn’t work. And then, I called Di. Diana came over to our house one evening to meet my furbaby and within minutes had her listening to all her commands. Thus began a relationship between trainer, dog and owner, that became a friendship. Not only did Diana provide excellent training and direction, but she was also a therapist to me when I was at my wits end, helping to ease the stress, and offering to help wherever she could. My furbaby adores her like no one else, and their relationship is forged forever too. Diana adores dogs, and her gift isn’t just discipline, it’s love and connection with all canines. I trust her completely. Her advice, guidance and expertise are the best I have ever encountered and I would recommend Diana a million times over. I am ever thankful she came into our lives! You saved a mum and a pup, Di, thank you!"

Carron and Gracie

Image by Philippe Oursel

"Diana is really great with dogs and knows her stuff. She is also really friendly and easy to deal with. Due to my health I could not do group puppy training so Diana made visits to our home to help me train my puppy. She's also really affordable which I really appreciate.I give her number to everyone I meet who needs  a pup/dog trainer. Thanks so much for your help Diana."

Yoyo and Hedy, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


"We met Di at puppy school where we took our 9 week old chihuahua, Sheriff Reddington Sparrow. Little did we know we were about to embark on a massive journey as Red was highly anxious, fear aggressive and needing significant support to learn how to manage her experience of the world. As did we as it was all new to us. She was fearful of everything and everyone, she was our 1.5 kg PTSD puppy. It’s been 3 years and the sheriff is knocking it out of the park. She will always be wary of people, and continues to need some extra support, but she is living her best life with her brother Deputy Sheriff Norty Nort Norton. Both dogs attended puppy school and now go to Di’s advanced training classes and continue to grow their skills and develop their capacity to be calm dogs. We have learnt so much from Di over the years, I hate to think where we might have ended up without her ongoing support. She cares deeply for the dogs and people she works with and we will be forever grateful."

Cath and Sam, with Sheriff Reddington Sparrow and Deputy Sheriff Norton, Chihuahuas


"Di’s help has allowed me to come the ‘good boy’ I am today. I saw her early on in my learning journey and she armed me with a set of unique challenges I needed to complete, she really took the time to think outside the box here to make sure I was comfortable in all environments. Then just recently I’ve completed her advanced dog training course which I loved.  Not only did I get to make 5 new dog friends in my class, but I also learnt some new tricks too which I love to show off any chance I can get. I truly can’t thank you enough Di!"

Victoria and Marvin the labradoodle


"As a new dog owner taking on a very nervous rescue puppy, I very quickly felt out of my depth. I found it difficult to build the trust required for Skye to fit in with my family, especially my kids. Di was so patient, encouraging and knowledgable every step of the way. She gave us all roles to play in Skye's development so that she could become confident with us as her pack. Skye is now the most beautiful, adored dog with wonderful manners and a great sense of fun. I truly could not have done this without Di's help. From terrified to terrific - we owe you so much. Thank-you!"

Skye the Huntaway Cross and Family

Cookapoo Dog

"We were gifted a session with Di pre puppy purchase and found her sensible, pragmatic and heartfelt advice really useful. We then had Di come over and support us and our children to start out right with our lovely and energetic puppy. Di was always right on the money with her advice and her kindness and her high level of expertise was clearly evident. Di and I texted each other check ins and that helped keep our family all on the right path with our new arrival. After a couple of months we had Di visit again to help us all manage when puppy started trying to dominate our 7yr old. She modelled for all of us how to handle this and the behaviour stopped within days. Unfortunately we couldn’t get into her puppy pre-school but she recommended another place that shared her philosophy. We then joined her Advanced Obedience training and had a lovely time working and learning with great people and great dogs in a beautiful outdoor environment. Our puppy is now 6mths old and follows many commands and is an absolute joy to have around. Owning a dog who has good manners is such a joy and a relief. Thanks Di!"

Cosmo the Spoodle and Family


"Highly recommend Di’s advanced training classes. We attended as much as we could as a family and got our kids involved in the training. After having another dog previously for 13 years, we thought we knew what we were doing. But with Maggie, our Golden retriever, it was a whole new ball game. We so enjoyed the socialising aspect for her but the cool tricks we taught her thanks to Di, have stuck with us and lasted. She’s a fabulous friendly dog who loves a cuddle and can do a trick on command. She’s awesome and so is Di’s training - definitely recommend for all dog owners!"

Emma, Howie, Luc, Ben and Maggie the Golden Girl


"Training with Di has been game changing for me and my dog, Bonnie. We first went to Di's preschool lessons at 12 weeks old and Bonnie is now so well behaved she gets all the compliments! We've also done 1-on-1 training at home to help with Bonnie's anxiety and it's made the biggest difference. Thanks Di!"

Gemma with Bonnie

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.” 

Konrad Lorenz


Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend, never owned a dog.

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