Other Services


School Visits

Ministry Of Hound is passionate about dog bite prevention and safety. Children are the most common victims of dog bites in New Zealand. We recognize the need for simple and effective techniques for children, in order to have safe, respectful and positive interactions with dogs at all times.

Di spent four years as the Education Officer for Auckland Animal Management Department, and her comprehensive Dog Safety programme is available for Kindergartens through to High School. She can visit your school with a trained dog for a safe and interactive session for the children.

Most dogs show signs anxiety or stress before an aggressive event actually occurs, but these signs are often misinterpreted or unnoticed. Educating children about these signals is critical in bite prevention. Positive interactions with dogs and dog ownership have enormous benefits for our community. We are dedicated to educating our children about being safe and respectful around dogs.



Bite safety workshops

Many jobs require employees to be in a position where they may be faced with dogs they do not know. Employers have a duty to manage and mitigate risk to employees so far as is reasonably practicable.

Di has been an integral part of Health and Safety programmes across Auckland, and is available to visit with your staff to discuss with them ways to recognise and avoid dangerous situations.

She has experience across a range of businesses and industries including Meter Readers, Plunket, NZPost and the NZ Police.



Pre-puppy chat

A chat over coffee! A get together before you commit to a dog - a chance to have a real conversation with an experienced dog trainer about your family dynamic, different breed tendencies and requirements, and the pros and cons of getting a puppy versus adopting an older dog.

This service can also be used to establish a plan for your first night and few days with a puppy to get you started on the right foot, or how to safely introduce two dogs in a new environment.

45 minutes - Free of charge